About Us


We are excited about fungi. To us, all mushrooms are magic, helping us to enhance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. They are amazing organisms, embodying interconnectedness, teaching us so much about the past, present and the future of our environment. 

We believe the fungal queendom holds the key to a better future.
For us psychedelics are an important part of that. A journey can bring awareness, insight and healing, connection and divinity. It can also be a challenging experience.That’s why we are committed to providing guidance in preparation, creating a safe container for the journey and tending to integration. We use attuned holistic coaching, breath- and bodywork to support you in this process.
Still a sacred journey is not for everyone.Yet there are many ways to get to know, to understand and to love mushrooms. Whether it is gastronomic, scientific or as a tool for physical and spiritual healing. That is why we also offer quality mushroom products and mycelial events. 
We love connecting people by spreading the spores.



Mareille - Psychedelic practitioner, breathwork professional, artist:
“Foraging and cultivating mushrooms has reignited my connection with nature and released my inner nerd. Being able to share this passion with the love of my life, is one of the greatest sparks of joy in my life.”


Tosca - Psychedelic practitioner, holistic coach, musician:
"I feel mushrooms have already taught me many fundamentals for they made me question everything and therefore make me a more passionate, humble and considerate person along the way. I feel blessed and excited to help spread fungal wisdom.”


Almost a decade ago we got mesmerized by the world of fungi and it has become quite progressive ever since. As mushroom equals mistery, one rabbithole led to another. Being neurodivergent (entrepreneurs) there is a huge attraction to this novelty. Learning new skills and trying new things motivates action and experiment. Exploring the latitude of mycology has led us to develop a broad understanding of and most importantly a profound relationship with the incredible organisms we work with. This relationship is fundamental to our psychedelic journeywork, allowing us to create a safe space for deep inner work and walk behind the medicine.

We are continuously exploring human-fungal relationships and how these interactions can contribute to a sense of interconnectedness. Our mycelial events allow us to collaborate, cross-pollinate and learn with a diversity of people, all connected through one common denominator; the fungal queendom.  


Mush Love