verfallus land art project

Verfallus - a living land art project

Verfallus - a living land art project

Endings are new beginnings…
After fruiting with mushrooms, our substrate blocks are still packed with nutrients. Usually we take them to the compostier to feed his worms, who happen to love mycelium and turn it into compost. But with the return of sunlight this year, my inner artist is making a comeback. I decided to unshelve an idea that has been lingering for over ten years and start an experiment with my favorite ally.

What if we create a land art project that is alive?

What if I repurpose my spend blocks and shape their growth before I return them to mother earth? We can make art and compost it! 

“Verfallus” is a living installation, a monument for the demise of the patriarchy and a fertility symbol in the cycle of life and death.

At first sight Verfallus could be interpreted as a mere feminist statement, declaring war on masculinity, but looking closer it is all but that. It is a cry for restoring a long lost balance.
As much as we humans like to keep things as they are, life is inherently changeable. Moving in multiple directions, swinging like a pendulum between opposites. Darkness and light, life and death, day and night, masculine and feminine. One does not exist without the other.

I was invited by Tiwanee of BOW (Body of Water) to realize this project at her new property at Oosterwold (Meanderlaan 47), an off the grid residential area in development in Almere, where it will be gradually decomposing until its place is taken by the future food forest.

Curious to see it? Visit BOW soon, because this artwork will self-destruct in 10…9…8…