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mushroom cultivation

If you want to learn how to grow your own food, brew your own beneficial extracts, or cultivate your own sacred mushrooms we are here for you. 



On a regular basis we host an introductory 'shroomshop' to get you acquainted with growing mushrooms at home, with limited resources, in a no-tech and low-tech way.

In the future we will host a multiple day life event where you will learn:

How to make and use a spore print to start your mushroom culture. How to use low-tech and affordable sterile techniques. How to bulk up your substrate. How to make your own fruiting chamber. And ultimately, to maintain a lifetime supply of your own mushrooms.

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mushroom hunting

Shinrin Yoku: the healing power of walking in the woods.

In The Netherlands we call it: bosbaden, bathing in forest. Few things are more relaxing than being with friends, out on a mission, in nature.

Join us on a mushroom safari.


There is a real joy in searching for, but especially finding our fungal friends. Eco safe of course!

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 (these mushrooms walks are all troughout the Netherlands, any season of the year)