Fungi Faculty

Do you want to learn about mushrooms? Do you want to learn about the fungal queendom?

Join our fungal faculty and learn how to grow your own food and medicine. 

Enjoy this 5 day (6 night) hands-on training retreat at the wonderful Ferme  Papillons in the South of France, September 4 - 9.

About the Farm:

Ferme Papillons is run by Baptiste & Manon. It is a micro vegetable farm conducted in biological agriculture with minimum soil work. Baptiste has integrated his knowledge on the Medicine Wheel  (which he was offered to learn from an indigenous tribe) into the land and he hosts ceremonies using Tabacco Rustico. The Medicine Wheel is a Native American tradition with multiple functions and was used to share knowledge about ourselves and our (natural) surroundings. 

What to expect:

This training retreat will take you through all the steps of mushroom cultivation, teaching you the skills and techniques to confidently start growing your own food and medicine. You will learn how to obtain, culture and propagate mycelium, indoor- and outdoor cultivation techniques, how to make mushroom extracts and much more. 

This retreat is intended to (re)connect with our nature and community, to learn from and with each other.
To maintain an intimate group, spaces are limited.  

You are invited to take a break from your daily stress and (re)connect and explore your relationship with fungi, guided by Marosca

Course Content

* You will learn skills and techniques to confidently start your own mushroom cultivation journey:

* Mushroom lifecycle and the role of fungi in our eco system.

* Sterile work, making agar, grain spawn and bulk substrate.

* How to build a homestyle lab, fruiting chamber or outdoor patches.

* We will talk about several gourmet, medicinal and sacred mushrooms. Beneficial compounds and cultural history/ ceremonial use of mushrooms in different cultures around the globe.

* Mushrooms foray and how to identify 'in the wild'

Additional experiences:

* Morning meditations, silent walks and sharing circle.

* Connecting to like-minded mushroom enthusiasts.

* Homecooked meals made with mush love and vegetables from the land

* Campfire sessions and mush mush fun!

Send us an e-mail if you are called to the fungi! Stay connected to us by subscribing to our newsletter. You can also contact us if you have any questions or want to reserve your spot (in the shop).


Investment for this amazing week: €920,-

This includes: 

- 5 day training

- 6 nights in a shared room, or with your own tent/campervan on the grounds.

- All meals from monday evening to saturday morning

- Opening and closing ceremony working with the Medicine Wheel

- Fungi Faculty Certificate

- 2 hour recap and integration session two weeks after

- Lifelong acces to the Marosca Community

- The empowering skills to grow your own fungi food and (earth) medicine